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Pere Lachaise Cemetery—Pilgrimage to Jim Morrison’s Grave Site

Posted by on November 5, 2012

We arrived just before dusk and had barely enough time to find Jim and get out before the ghouls and goblins got us. Spooky place, especially with overcast skies and naked trees.

Jim Morrison’s grave is a bit of a letdown—compared to some of the other crypts and memorials it’s rather small and plain, not really befitting a god of rock-and-roll. Back  in the day, before the bust was stolen from atop the headstone, it had a bit more granduer. And there were usually a bunch of stoned hippies hanging around which added to the atmosphere.  Now it’s just a bunch of middle-aged tourists from Anaheim (and Columbus!) milling about the place trying to re-capture some of their misspent youth.

Most of these shots are just random graves and crypts that I found interesting, and views of the avenues winding through the cemetery.

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